Put Big Data to work for your sales team

ByPath is a next generation B2B business intelligence solution based on the smart analysis of Big Data. Every day our algorithms analyse huge amounts of data found on the web: from social networks, blogs, the media and Twitter, as well as the Kompass databases… to provide sales teams with meaningful and critical information to help grow their business!

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  • Our ByPath Solution
  • Engage prospects outside of your network
  • Build your social selling strategy
  • Use Big Data to assist your sales cycle

Use the Power of Social Selling

  • Win new deals

    As a new prospect channel, ByPath provides you with relevant and targeted alerts. Every lead generated shows you who to contact, when to contact them and how to do so successfully.

  • Effective prospecting

    Contact prospects from an informed perspective by viewing up to date company organisation charts and identifying the key decision-makers.

  • Closing deals

    The PowerMap shows you the potential risks facing your prospects and what can influence them. This can help you to develop a more successful sales approach to win new deals.

Who uses ByPath?

  • Sales Directors

    Share relationships and knowledge within your sales team.

  • Sales Executives

    Target specific contacts and identify the best way to engage them.

  • Business Development

    Supports every stage of the sales cycle to build conversion rates.

  • Marketing Directors

    Use sales intelligence as your key lead provider.

Key ByPath features

  • Big Data interactive and real-time analysis:
    + 100M contacts
    + 10M emails
    + 12M companies
    + 200 000 media sources
  • Automatic learning system that creates relevant alerts according to your Target
  • View the connections between key contacts beyond your network of contacts
  • Find out if your competitors are in contact with your customers or prospects
  • Get access to millions of relevant and up-to-date contacts
  • Connect and import data to your CRM
  • Mobile APP

Les réussites avec ByPath

Entreprise :


Objectifs :

- Augmenter le ROI

- Gagner en souplesse

- Rechercher des clients à l'international

Résultat :

Nous obtenons un réel gain de temps car nous avons accès à beaucoup de données sur la même plateforme. Nous pouvons trouver le nom d’entreprises auxquelles nous n’aurions pas forcément pensé !

Valérie de Dieuleveult - Consultante en recrutement

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